What To Expect At Your Local Brewery Tour


Your local brewery is offering tours in your area and you want to go on one. However, you aren't sure what you can expect from this adventure and you want to make sure that you don't miss out on fun activities because you weren't prepared. Here are things you can expect at your local craft beer establishment so you have a great time and lots of fun without being caught totally unprepared.

Lots of walking

It's a tour, after all, so be prepared to walk. If you have a cane or use a wheelchair or have other special needs, let the local brewery staff know in advance so you can be accommodated in a safe and beneficial way. Also, make sure to wear shoes. You'll be in areas where they might be slick, or there may be pieces of machinery moving around and you don't want to accidentally injure yourself or put the brewery at a liability risk in any way.

In fact, you may not be allowed to take a walking tour if you don't have close-toed shoes, for public health reasons. Your best bet is to wear non-slick comfortable shoes for your brewery tour.

Lots of tasting

The most fun part about a brewery tour is this: you'll get to sample the same beers you see being crafted right in front of you. This means two things: have your ID handy so you can imbibe, and make sure you make arrangements for transportation in case you get a little tipsy. You can bring a friend with you who doesn't drink, or arrange for a cab or other type of driver to transport you from the tour if you decide to sit down and have a beer or two as part of your adventure.

Adult interaction

A brewery tour is for adults only, so don't expect this type of event to be family-friendly. Unless explicitly invited, leave your children at home if you have them and enjoy this type of experience with a friend, spouse, or someone else you care for. There will be other adults on your local brewery tour, so if you want to have a more intimate experience, arrange for a private tour.

A brewery tour can be a fun way to spend the day, have a date, or just enjoy yourself on your own. Explore tour dates and times at your local brewery to see when you can schedule a tour of your own. For more information, contact companies like Fruition Brewing


15 July 2019

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