3 Things You Need to Understand About Securing a Liquor License for Your Waterfront Business


Securing a liquor license for your waterfront business is serious work. You must go through an in-depth application and approval process to get a liquor license in more states in the United States.

It Takes Time to Get a Liquor License

First, you need to understand it takes time to be approved for a liquor license. In most states, once you submit your liquor license, it can take two to three months for the state to go through the approval process. For course, that is assuming that your application is flawless and there is nothing that you must fix. Oftentimes, when you apply for a liquor license, during the various inspections by the state, they may find issues that you have to fix with your application or with the physical structure of your business.

Your Past Matters

When you apply for a liquor license, the state is not just looking at your business, they are looking into your past as well. If you have previously had a liquor license, with the same business or another business, and you had the license revoked for not meeting the guidelines of the licenses, in many states, you can't apply for a license again.

Your criminal history matters as well. If you have ever been convicted of a crime that has something directly to do with the sale or creation of liquor, you may not qualify for a liquor license. These laws vary from one state to the next, but you better look closely at your past and determine who is the best person within your business to apply for the liquor licenses, as the name on the license, and your business, will be looked at closely.

Community Opinion Matters

Next, you need to understand that the opinion of your community matters. In many states, your liquor license will be subject to a public hearing, where members of the public can weigh in on if they want you to have a liquor license. Therefore, it is important to develop a positive relationship with the community and to show the community that your business will help enhance the local community.

When you go through the application process for a liquor license, it is important to remember that the state will look closely into your background as well as the background of your business. In some states, the community may be able to weigh in on what they think about your business getting a liquor license. Finally, remember that getting a liquor license is often a months-long process, so start the process far ahead of the summer season so you can take advantage of the great weather and your waterfront location.

For more information about selling alcohol from your waterfront dining business, contact a professional in the industry.


26 March 2019

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