Are There Different Ways To Donate Wine That You Do Not Plan On Drinking?


Have you been gifted assorted bottles of wine over the years? While you may appreciate the gesture, you might not be much of a drinker. If you do not enjoy the taste of wine, you probably have no intention of opening any of the bottles you have received from other people, but do not want them to go to waste because you know many of the bottles are quite valuable. Rather than throwing them out or leaving them on a shelf to collect dust for years to come, you can donate the bottles of wine that you do not want and do not plan on drinking. Different ways to donate the wine are currently available.

Donate to a Local Charity

Many local charities accept wine donations because they can auction the bottles off during certain events, make a profit from the bottles, and then use those profits to continue doing their charity work while helping people in need. Before donating to a specific charity, you will need to find out about the places that accept these kinds of donations. You should also find out how these donations can make a bit of a difference because that is how you can decide which charity you would like to pick when you are finally donating the wine.

Donate to an Organization for a Fundraiser

Do you know of a few local organizations that often have fundraisers throughout the year? For example, if your children are on sports teams, the managers of those teams may hold fundraisers during the year to raise money for sports equipment and uniforms. In situations like this, you could put some wine baskets together for the fundraising event and then people could purchase some tickets with the hope of winning at least one of those baskets by the end of the night. The money people spend on purchasing tickets to try winning the wine baskets will be put to good use and can benefit your child or other people who are raising money for a good reason.

If you have some wine that you do not plan on drinking, you can always choose to donate it. Different charities and organization have no problem accepting bottles of wine as donations because they can then auction those bottles off to raise more funds for their causes. It is far better to donate the wine rather than to leave it sitting around for such a long time when you have no plans to drink it.


3 January 2019

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